The UAM keeps on surprising its audience with impressive performances again and again. The recent show that they’ve prepared was full of innovative solutions. Not only did they perform magic tricks with utter beauty and professionalism, but they also have worked very hard to create the mystical and magical atmosphere peculiar to this art. Amazing scenic design, special visual and sound effects, interesting character solutions, an interactive show…and there you are…in the Magicland!
The art of magic tricks has such a long history behind. During the show together we’re bridging past and present of this art, meanwhile enjoying the representation of its various types. Burning books, floating tables, disappearing money, mysteries of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, firework of lights and colors and so many other magic tricks, which leave anyone speechless. There’s absolutely no way to put those inexplicably unique sensations into words. To appear in the Magicland – a place, where nothing is impossible, you yourselves should be present and experience the show! And now…wonderful news for those, who somehow have missed the last show! Are you ready? No need to worry, because you have a chance to enjoy the Magic show “Illusionists” on 22 July, at 19:30 at ‘’Goy Theatre’’ (Gr.Lusavorich 6).

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Hurry up! It’s your turn to appear in the Magicland! With great pleasure we are waiting to see you soon!

Article by Tamara Sargsyan