We want to inform the ones, who are amateur or professional magicians or who just like the old and attractive art named magic which makes people expect miracle, which causes joy and gives pleasure, that the first meeting of Union of Armenian Magicians (U.A.M.) took place on the first of April in 2012. At last my dream came true – the U.A.M. was founded in Armenia.

The first meeting of the Union of Armenian Magicians took place in Yerevan, in which both amateur and professional magicians, as well as people of other professions took part, the ones who like and are engaged in this wonderful art. At the meeting different questions were discussed to propagandize and develop this art in Armenia. One of the general aims of the UAM is the organization of magicians’ seminars, lectures, speeches, measures, festivals and contests which were accepted with a great joy.

Fifteen magicians took part in the meeting who gave their consent in order to establish the Union in Armenia. There were also journalists, who spread their thoughts in newspapers, magazines and internet sources. The participants of the meeting got acquainted with the regulations of the UAM which were accepted unanimously. An outstanding professional magician Vardan Amiryan took part in the meeting presenting all these themes. An amateur magician Martin Tadevosyan put forward Amiryan Vardan’s presidential candidature and latter was accepted unanimously. Vardan Amiryan in his turn put forward Mikayelyan Hayk’s candidature as a vice-president and the latter was also accepted unanimously. Also Armenian magicians Sos Petrosyan(Germany), Vahan Hovhannisyan(Russia), Manuk Bastrmajyan(Greece), Victor Aghababyan(Russia), Manuel Khazaryan(Russia), Arsen Melkonyan(Belorussian) and our union’s good friend, an outstanding Hollywood star, a magician Frants Harari (USA) voted at this election. Performances and shows organized by the participants took place at the end of the meeting. The ones, who want to become the UAM members, may turn to the Union of Armenian Magicians.