Recently the UAM was honored to host the RA National Artist, talented and prominent actor Rafael Kotanjyan. No special introduction is needed. His activities in the theatre, cinema and culture in general, his unique Kotanjyan-ish style of the characters’ interpretation are widely famous and highly appreciated by everyone. This actor has truly achieved the highest possible success, attaining love and recognition not only nationally, but also internationally.

The warm atmosphere of the meeting and prepared magic tricks really impressed the actor. He emphasized the importance of the patriotic activities of the UAM, wishing more success to our gifted magicians. He, like on one else, knows, that the creative expressiveness, success and recognition become even more worthwhile in one’s own homeland. Thus, the artist wholeheartedly wished all the members of the UAM to unleash their potential and gain more opportunities to perfect the art of magic tricks. Michael Kotanjyan, the son of Rafael Kotanjyan, more known as a singer in the national music industry, was also present at the meeting with his family. Michael was excited by the initiative of the UAM and wished, that this art received more chances to organize various events full of innovative solutions for the public.

  During one of the interviews Rafael Kotanjyan has mentioned, that he does not play, he lives in the character. Without a shadow of a doubt, that’s the secret of his success. Let’s express our thankfulness to our special guest both for his visit and pieces of advice. Giving life to the character – that’s the lesson learnt from his success. It’s obvious, that the magician is also creating a character in his own way. So, to become a successful magician one needs not only to skillfully perform the tricks, but also to live in that character and believe in it…!

Article by Tamara Sargsyan