They say New Year is the time when all the miracles become a reality. But in the UAM it’s an open secret, that miracles don’t depend neither on time, nor the space. All they need for manifestation is the true belief in them. One can witness miracles all the time here. Make sure yourselves! Can you solve the the Rubik’s Cube puzzle just in some seconds, or cut the solid rope into the pieces with two fingers, making things disappear, take out presents from the magic bag? Wait for a second, it’s just the beginning. Did you know, that you can’t find all the existing card combinations even if you spend your whole lives? Are you surprised now? Just imagine, what would happen, when we added some holiday mood and presence of talented guests to the Art of magic tricks.

  The year-end meeting of the UAM was specifically warm this time. The president of the union, Vardan Amiryan, summed up the passing year, emphasized all the achievements and introduced the goals for the coming year. Hayk Mikayelyan (the Vice-president, member of the UAM) and Gevorg Hovhannisyan (member of the UAM) received special acknowledgement awards for their hard work throughout the year and contribution to the development of the Art of magic tricks. Vardan Amiryan expressed special thanks to the “Naregatsi” Art Institute for the cooperation and support for the meetings of the UAM.

  The novice magicians demonstrated their tricks prepared for the exam of the UAM’s membership. Their performance was encouraging for the young people, who regularly show willingness to joining the UAM.

  The meetings of the UAM would be incomplete without the beloved and famous guests. This time the UAM was honored to host Gnel Sargsyan, the talented actor of theater, cinema and television. With his unique sense of humor and engaging personality he made the evening even more interesting. The various tricks of the magicians left speechless not only him and his wife, but also their little boy. He himself participated in some tricks and it gave him the confidence to believe in his supernatural abilities.

  So, in the video that we’ve prepared you’ll see Gnel Sargsyan himself sharing his impressions with you. What’s more to say? Well, the UAM wholeheartedly wants to congratulate everyone on upcoming New Year and Christmas, wishing you a year full of surprises!

With miracles,

Article by Tamara Sargsyan