There are two categories of membership in the Union of Armenian Magicians (hereinafter referred to as U.A.M.):

  • Candidate Membership
  • Member Membership

1. An U.A.M. member or candidate can become any thirteen-year-old citizen, regardless of location, who performs in magical genre as a professional or he is just interested in this genre and like it.

2. Beginners or just the ones who love magic, can become U.A.M. candidate during six months presenting the following :

  • Application for becoming an U.A.M. candidate,
  • A creative autobiography,
  • Three photos 3×4,
  • Two photos from his performances,
  • A video from his performances (if there is).
  • Live performance at acceptance to union (Min. 3 tricks)

3. A candidate term isn’t defined for the magicians who have professional and stage magic experience. They become U.A.M. members according to U.A.M. presidium decision. They must present the following :

  • Application for becoming an U.A.M. member,
  • A creative autobiography,
  • Copies of titles, rewards (if there are),
  • Three photos 3×4,
  • Six photos from their performances,
  • Video from their performances,
  • Live performance at acceptance to union (Stage magic, 15 minutes)

4. It can be exceptions for those people who aren’t 13 years old yet but they have an exclusive talent and gift. According to the decision of U.A.M. presidium they can become U.A.M. candidates, then-U.A.M. members.

5. Participants must always let us know about their magical activity, that is to say what kind of achievements they have concerning their performances, meetings and festivals.

6. For becoming an U.A.M. member the U.A.M. candidate must work hard and perfect himself in magic, as well as he must study and master History of magical art. The U.A.M. members and candidates must be active, take part in festivals organized in U.A.M. and help others.

7. If the U.A.M. candidate doesn’t become an U.A.M. member he can turn to us in 6 months.

8. The U.A.M. members and candidates must follow the U.A.M. charter and decisions accepted by the U.A.M. presidium. They must swear to be faithful to magical art, they mustn’t enclose magic tricks and secrets, they must use the knowledge and abilities which they gains, for only good purposes struggling against negative phenomena in magical art. They must assist to the prosperity and development of magical art.

9. The U.A.M. member has a right to take part in discussions, lectures, conferences, seminars and in other educational and creative festivals organized by U.A.M.. Member can be assisted in receiving magical props, professional literature, videos and advice. Member also has a right to create tricks as an author. Members get cerificate, membership card and they have their own profile page in U.A.M. site.

10. The U.A.M. candidate has a right to take part in meetings organized by U.A.M., discussions, some lectures and seminars. Candidates get cerificate and they have their own profile page in U.A.M. site.

11. Dues rates:

  • Candidate Membership – 1000 AMD per month
  • Member Membership – 2000 AMD per month

Dues rates for international members and candidates:

  • Candidate Membership – 2.5 USD per month ($30 annually)
  • Member Membership – 5 USD per month ($60 annually)

The members of U.A.M. presidium confirmed the notification by signing it during the first sitting held on the first of April, in 2012.