Whenever I go abroad, the first thing I usually check is – is there a magic shop in that city?! Magic shops are considered one of the pivotal places during history of magic. A lot of famous magicians such as Alan AlanAl Flosso etc. made their name because of the shop they were running and the culture they spreading. Even though the online shops are currently taking over this business, the magic shops still remain a very central place for magicians to visit. Every shop has its own traditions, unique history and stories. It has been a great place for magicians to gather together, discover new magic and make new friends. This is what I thought when I just entered New York City. I knew that there are two famous magic shops in the city, Tannen’s and Fantasma and I decided to make my first visit. Both of those are located in Herald Square in a very short distance from each other. At Tannens I mostly liked the library. There were couple visitors performing for non-magicians and I used the opportunity to do one of my routines as well. I met couple folks who were thinking making their first steps in magic. That is actually a really good chance to get into magic – I really wish I had one when I was just starting my journey. I won’t say it is a tradition but many magicians buy something at their first visits. It is mostly done for a good memory from the time you visited the store. I purchased two sponge donuts fabulously performed by Magick Balay and scotch and soda.

Fantasma attracts a lot of non-magician visitors as the store features a lot of Harry Houdini’s personal belongings. It was a beautiful corner of pros Houdini used in his performances, such as handcuffs and keys, the water tanks, personal notes etc. Even though, I did not buy anything, it was very interesting to meet one of the aspiring magicians – he was 11 years old Jewish boy, who saved some cash to get some latest magic tricks. Both of the stores are highly recommended to visit in your next visit to New York. However, there is another store called Halloween Adventure at 108 4th Ave, which does not have so many professional products, but every time you can easily find something simple and interesting. Have fun exploring the next magic shop.