The Union of Armenian Magicians will hold meetings with Armenian outstanding magicians spread all over the world. An outstanding professional Armenian magician Manuel Khazaryan, who is a laureate of international contests and a member of Indian Magicians’ Union, took part in the first UAM meeting. This meeting was very important for upcoming magicians during whom Manuel shared with secrets of manipulation art showing and explaining how important is the technique of manipulation for a nice and perfect performance.

Several beginners tried to show tricks which were already explained and were praised by Manuel Khazaryan during the meeting. Manuel Khazaryan watched performances of several members’ with great pleasure. The members performed micro magic showing their most interesting stunts and astonishing both Manuel and his family.

After those performances Manuel said:

“I haven’t been in Armenia for a long time and I did not know that there are people in Armenia who are engaged in micro magic because micro magic is one of the most difficult genres. I am perplexed and amazed by tricks of Armenian young men. I’m very glad that Vardan Amiryan was able to carry out his dream and create the UAM and he gave an opportunity to young beginners to deal with stunt”.

Vardan Amiryan decided to hold a very important meeting with the UAM member Misak, who is a master of secrets and technique of hypnosis. He explained and showed his abilities. It was a very interesting process.