The 6th meeting of the UAM took place on September 30. The main goal of these meetings is to collaborate all magicians in Armenia, from beginners to professionals, to use the art of magic as a new way of increasing the taste of artistry of youth, to develop connections and relations with world famous magicians and magic associates .

There were members of the UAM, candidates and special guests during the meeting.
The president of the UAM, the member of different international magic associations, Vardan Amiryan payed attention to the use of magic against humanity, science and generally negative points of it. “Creating magic company here in Armenia was a dream of mine, which is a reality now. We are not worse than anyone else. We have many talented young men, and surely they will continue to come”, – said Vardan Amiryan during the interview with

He was carefully watching all the performances of beginners, giving them advice and notes.
The UAM periodically is having guests, psychologists, extrasenses, etc. This time the guest was actor Levon Harutyunyan, who talked about the connection between magic and theater.
“Every new thing, which has something to do with stage, makes me happy. The important thing is that it will act as a developing and educating tool for our country. Of course it’s a bit late to create union now. If we look back to the past 20 years, we can see that there were many mistakes, but the important thing is that it has a beginning, it’s created already. The desire is the most important and Vardan belongs to that desire and all the people who are here now trust in him”, – said Levon.

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