The famous and talented Armenians have some things in common. It is not only about their endless love towards their homeland, but also their ability to believe in miracles and the power to make them a reality. Without a shadow of a doubt, they are all magicians in their spheres, and when they appear in the UAM, the miracles seem to become more real.

This time the honorable guest of the UAM was Nazik Avdalyan, Armenia’s, Europe’s two- time and the World’s Champion in weightlifting. Not once she has pleasantly surprised us with her victories and achievements, but this time it was her turn to be amazed. The members of the UAM gladly displayed some magic tricks, which were mysterious and impressive. Nazik Avdalyan expressed her admiration not only towards the professional magicians, but also was delighted by the beginners’ zeal and enthusiasm.

By the way, the interest of the young people towards the art of magic tricks is constantly growing. As usual, this time also they demonstrated some interesting tricks and impressed everyone with their talent.

At the end, Vardan Amiryan, the president of the UAM, summed up the meeting expressing his thankfulness to all the people present. He assured, that the traditional meetings of the UAM  will be regular, full of surprises and wonderful guests.