During the U.A.M. meeting it was decided that U.A.M. members will gather once a month on Sunday. Five meetings were already held. Various guests, famous actors, psychologists, ekstrasenses, magicians took part in them who shared their knowledge, as well as their secrets, which are very useful for any magician’s performances and tricks. U.A.M. members also took part in all those meetings who were performing their tricks very beautifully and excellently surprising both the guests and the colleagues.
A few words about the meeting held with our guests:

We held a very interesting meeting with a very popular Armenian actor and TV showman Grisha Aghakhanyan who shared secrets of artistic skills how a magician should display himself as an actor besides displaying himself as a magician. He also shared secrets of TV shows how one should display himself during TV meetings. It was very important meeting for us as TV holds an important role in our life.